10 Beautiful Toddlers Dresses

There is no doubt that these days toddlers are aware of what they are wearing. They like to wear their favourite colours and styles. Toddlers also get inspired by what they see on various media. To add to the fashion brigade, mommies also love to dress up their kids in best clothes.

Many brands have come up with kids’ lines. These dresses are high fashion and loved by everyone.

You can get some trendy ideas for your toddlers’ dresses here-

For Girls



toddler dress

This chevron print dress is super comfortable for your little princess. To break the monotony, a bright popping pink blower has been added near the waste. For more colour, you can add colourful accessories and sandals.

Cute Shorts


kids fashion

Everybody loves shorts, so do little girls. Shorts and tees in light fabrics are perfect for girls in the sweaty summer season.



kids dress

This dress is for the chic girl. The heart-print top with capris looks pretty. The headband is nice as well.

Comfortable Dress


baby girl dress

This versatile dress combines two prints- chevron and polka dots. The colour-combination is perfect and so is the big flower.

Party Time


toddlers trends

Fit for a little diva, this dress is really amazing. It is perfect for various events and is very comfortable as well.



little girls fashion

This jumpsuit is so pretty and has a playful vibe. This dress is suitable for outings and will make your little girl even prettier.

For Boys



toddler fashion

Light and dark denims layered with a cardigan are a good idea to dress up your boy. Denims are comfortable and durable. Cardigans look trendy.



toddler dress ideas

These ideas are so easy to incorporate in your toddler’s look. Various styles of shorts and jackets can be mixed and matched.

Street Style


baby boy dress

This outfit is really edgy. The layering is perfect and these shoes will make your toddler’s moves easy.

Light Shirts


kids trends

The separates are nice with or without a necktie. The turquoise shirt is cool and will go with many different bottoms. You can buy shirts and t-shirts in various colours to pair with such versatile bottoms.


4 Interesting Ways Of Using Your Baby Stroller

A stroller is considered a must have for every mom the minute she steps intomotherhood. Whether it’s a short trip to the neighbourhood, an evening walk, shopping spree in a mall or a travel expedition, a stroller does an excellent job of taking the load off your shoulder and making it much easier for you to carry your baby around. Perhaps, it is one of the best ways after the baby carrier, to keep your baby close to you without exhausting yourself. We all know that the stroller is used to carry a baby around but have you looked at it beyond that? I bet you have not. Well, let’s help you out a little to know what else your sturdy stroller is capable of :-)

Rocker for your baby

Rocking is considered to be one of the best ways to soothe a fussy baby. There are specific rocking chairs meant for babies to help them soothe but for parents who cannot afford every possible baby gear on this Earth, the stroller can help you out a great deal. Put a nice and thick blanket or bed sheet, sing a lullaby, gently rock the stroller back and forth and watch your baby doze off to a peaceful sleep :-) We have used it for putting him to sleep ‘n’ number of times; it’s especially useful for the daddy.

baby stroller usage

Push Toy

While we were looking for a push toy that our baby could hold on to and practice walking we were a little disappointed with the options. If we liked something it was costly and if something was within our budget it wasn’t strong and sturdy (I don’t believe in spending way too much on baby gears, which a baby is going to grow out of in just a month or so). One day when the stroller was standing in the middle of the hall my son crawled up to it and hauled himself up using it bars and started pushing it forward. I was overjoyed to see him bursting with happiness, giggles and screams. So, problem solved. No need to get a push toy, our sturdy stroller is doing the job really well.

Pretend Play

You must be aware of how children love to create imaginary friends, places and characters. This is an essential part of a child’s development. Now, our stroller is an essential part of my baby’s pretend play. How? We use it as a shopping cart and go shopping through all the rooms in our house, pretending it’s a mall. Sometimes, it’s a luggage trolley at the airport while we are visiting some imaginary airports. And at times he is a zookeeper handing out food to the different zoo animals. He loves doing this everyday and at the same time it helps him practice walking. I am sure you got the idea and now you can pretend your stroller to be whatever way you want.

how to use baby stroller

Carry your washing load

This is not at all related to baby. But yeah when your hands are tired holding the baby for too long, you can always get some help. The stroller is excellent for carrying all my washing loads to the washing machine :D Call me lazy but why don’t use it when the thing is just lying around happily in a corner

5 Tips To Care For Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord

When you think about the umbilical cord, the word fascinating comes to your mind. I was completely amazed and loved the idea that my son and I shared the same heartbeat. However, once my son was born and the cord was cut it didn’t look so appealing. Well, also blame it on post-partum as nothing really seemed appealing those days. But seriously after the umbilical cord is cut and tied after the baby’s birth it definitely looks a lot less interesting as it shrivels on your baby’s belly on its way to becoming a navel.

Mostly, Mother Nature takes its own course in the healing process. Ideally, we should not touch it for at least 24 hours. However, to avoid any possibility of infection, you need to ensure that the area is kept dry and free of bacteria for at least 1 week – 10 days which is when the final remains of the corn fall off after withering.


Newborn (5 day old) baby boy sleeping on blue blankets


Some Tips to take Care of your Baby’s Stump:-

  • Dry and Clean – Keep the stump dry and clean at all times. Even if you are cleaning it with a wet cloth or washing it, make sure that is dried up well. Leaving it moist and damp can pose risk to infection.
  • Clean Hands – Whenever you are touching your baby make sure your hands are washed and clean. Unclean hands on the stump can lead to infection without your realizing it.
  • Urine and Poop – If by any chance the stump lands up in your baby’s urine and poop clean up immediately. Keep the diaper or nappy slightly lower so that the stump is exposed to air and it heals faster.
  • Don’t Tug – It is common to keep checking if the stump is ready to come off. However, in order for it to heal well don’t pull at it. It will naturally fall when it is ready.
  • Massage Oil – Lavender is known for its antibacterial properties and its ability to speed the healing of skin. I tried this mixture for my baby. Mix 1 tbsp of Water with one drop of essential lavender oil. Dip a cotton ball in the mixture and gently clean the area around the umbilical cord.

If in doubt:-

  • The Navel and surrounding area has become red or swollen and the baby is cranky and irritable.
  • The Stump is swollen and oozing out pus or blood.
  • The baby has fever and showing signs of lethargy and appearing generally unwell.
  • Crying every time you touch the stump or the area around it.

Ask your doctor to check your baby’s stump if you are worried about how it looks or smells. Just occasionally your baby’s stump may take longer to heal than normal. The flesh within the stump may look clean but unhealed and sore. If this is the case, ask your doctor to check the stump for you. Depending on the extent of the infection, your doctor may decide to seal the stump. Sealing is called cauterisation. It is a simple procedure, very common and it won’t hurt your baby at all.

What were your first thoughts and reactions to your baby’s umbilical cord? Did you know about how to take care of the stump?

5 Bollywood Celebrities Mom’s Fashion Quotient

Our Wise She team is full of stylish moms, led by the elegant Anamika. These stylish moms inspire other mothers to never put style on the back-burner even after having a baby.

Hindi Film Industry is also full of stylish moms who are never seen with even a hair out of place. It shows that there is no excuse to looking outdated. Always put your best foot forward with some ideas from these style icons-

Malaika Arora Khan


bollywood moms fashion

The 40+ but forever 30 Malaika is the fashion inspiration of many mothers. She is fit as a fiddle and makes every outfit look good. Though she is generally seen in western wear, Malaika looks stunning in Indian dresses too. She wears everything from shorts to gowns with equal grace.


malaika fashion quotient


Shilpa Shetty


bollywood mom style

Shilpa Shetty is fitness and style personified. She looks gorgeous whever she makes an appearance whether its on-screen or at the airport. She is flaunting a lot of sarees these days and we can’t get over her non-existent waist.


shilpa shetty fashion


Aishwarya Rai


aishwarya rai style

Her fashion sense developed a little late but now she styles herself like a seasoned fashionista. Aishwarya is seen these days in many bling-y dresses but her appearance at Cannes this year swept everyone off their feet. Her beauty is perfect in every kind of outfit she picks.


bollywood style quotient

Madhuri dixit


madhuri dixit style

The always smiling Madhuri can put even 20 year olds to shame when it comes to dance moves. Her sartorial sense is equally great and she rarely diappoints us. We love her in everything from a sheath dress to a lehenga.


madhuri fashion style



bollywood style

She recently crossed the golden jubilee mark of age but it never looks like so when it comes to her gorgeous looks. Sridevi was a diva and she still is. The lavish sarees she sports make us crave. Her gowns and dresses are always perfect to the T.


sridevi style quotient

Fisher Price Learning Phone – Baby Toy Review

Hello my dear beautiful mommies,

Hope your little munchkins are doing great in this monsoons. Though it’s difficult to keep them indoors in weathers like these, gadgets like TV, laptops, IPads and mobiles come to our rescue to an extent. But I must admit, it’s very worrying to watch them getting addicted to these stuff and developing an obsession. It was one of those stages I came across Fisher Price learning phone and felt instant happiness to see my baby hooked to it. Its a cute green phone packed with promising features and thus resulted in a desperate and a happy buy. So let’s see what’s this learning phone is all about..


Fisher Price Learning Phone


About Fisher Price Learning Phone:

Learn Phone combines three modes with fun role play, baby learns ABC‘s and 123′s by hearing them and seeing them appear on the LED display.

There is also music play – the keypad activities 9 fun musical ditty’s, phrases and silly sound effects with 25 fun animations.

Price: 1299 /- INR

Recommended age: 6-36 months

Gender: unisex

Availability: usually across toy stores fisherprice brand is sold

My take on this product:

Frankly, it was one of those unexplored toys in my baby’s shelf. Though she got very excited initially to hold her own mobile having a keypad and LED display, the volume pitch when she held in her hand didn’t appeal to her. Infact the volume was barely audible unless held close to ear and in a noisy environment, there is no question. I wish there is a volume control to switch modes between high-low volumes when held close to ear and when played in hands. Also female voice output was quite a turn-off, after listening for few times.


Fisher Price Toy Phone

The LED screen though big, was very monochromatic with just light green shade display over its black screen. And the phone is also heavy and quite bulky to hold even for an year old, I’m unsure if babies under an year could grip the phone alone. (You can see in the pic, how it spanned in my hand).

The un-appealing, confusing graphics and drab sounds-effects makes this phone a BORE quite soon and for my baby, that soon was the next day of purchase. :-(


Fisher Price Learning Phone Baby Toy

What I like about Fisher Price Learning Phone:

  • Very sturdy. The quality of this product is amazing, my baby threw it numerous times, but not even a crack appeared.
  • Cute Toyish mobile appearance.
  • Spacey keypad. Resembles our old mobile keypad.
  • Three interactive play modes. Spells and visually display
  • Alphabets
  • Numbers
  • Plays few mobile tunes, sounds.
  • Animated graphic lighting on screen
  • Has LED display to visually show buttons pressed ie, numbers, alphabets and animated graphics

What I don’t like about Fisher Price Learning Phone:

  • Heavy and Bulky to hold for babies
  • No volume control keys
  • Volume not audible in noisy environment. Actually volume is not very clear or audible unless held close to ear.
  • Boring graphics and unpleasant voice which spells the alphabets,numbers.
  • Monochromatic screen. only one colour(green) appears

Rating: 2/5

Will Irecommend it to others – Nah, you can skip this one unless you like the way it looks or your kid really wants a fisher price mobile cause we never know what really works with them, everyone has different preferences.

Toddlers Books At Huge Discount With Video

Hello Everyone

Recently, I had a chance to visit the famous book fair held in Pragati Maidan in Delhi which is one of the biggest book fairs of the state and book loving people from all over the country visit this fair to buy a wide range of books which are otherwise not available easily in book stores.

I went there basically to get some interesting books for my  27 months old daughter, so as to encourage the habit of book reading in her at a tender age.

I usually pile up a lot of stuff in one go but this time I decided to limit myself, so I bought only those books which seemed appealing and useful to me as per my daughter’s preferences.

readings for toddlers

What The Ladybird Heard Sound Book

About What The Ladybird Heard Sound Book

Two crafty robbers hatch a cunning plan to steal the farmer’s fine prize cow. But the quietest, tiniest creature in the farm has a plan of her own and things are going to get noisy; very noisy. With 10 amazing animal sounds, this book is a whole farmyard of fun!

Price– Around INR 300

My take on What The Ladybird Heard Sound Book

This is a captivating book for the eyes of  my toddler girl and it is one of her favorite books from her book collection. The story around which the different animal characters  are involved is really very interesting. I usually ask her that what sound this particular animal make? And she answers by pressing the respective button at the side of the book where each of the animal characters in the book are featured along with their respective sound recording! So when you press the cat button “meow” sound is produced which is very good for toddlers as they get to learn the animal sounds in a practical way!

learning animals toddlers

Marvin Wanted More

About Marvin Wanted More

Marvin is not a happy sheep. He is smaller than the other sheep, he can’t run as fast, nor can he jump as high. So Marvin decides to EAT! But however much he eats, Marvin still wants MORE!

In fact, Marvin really does go a bit too far – at which point drastic action has to be taken.

Price- INR 50

My take on Marvin Wanted More

This is a board book with a 3- dimensional wool fabrication done to make toddlers understand about the texture of the wool which is mainly produced by sheep. Kids find it very attracting as they can touch and know the wool surface. Apart from the story, which my daughter listens very carefully but doesn’t completely  understand, the unique texture makes the book and interesting purchase!

learning animals toddlers

Baby Touch: Animal Book

About Baby Touch: Animal Book

Older babies and toddlers will love this original tactile book, part of Ladybird’s innovative Baby Touch range.

Babies learn through touch & use the shaped pages to find the animals, then feel the textures to match the mummies and daddies with their babies.

My take on Baby Touch: Animal Book

This is another great book I bought for my baby girl as she likes bright & colorful books which are eye-catching too! This book in particular is great for toddlers as it helps them in understanding the shapes by touching the unique cut designs on each page. My daughter is easily able to spot the mummy & baby animals. I really find this book quite useful for making my daughter learn these things. And given the economical prices these books were offered, I am not at all complaining.

learning animals how to babies

You can check out the video for more details 🙂

5 Essential Foods for Underweight Toddlers

While Obesity in infants is a cause of concern, malnourishment is an even bigger worry for parents to deal with. Although parents should use their wisdom and understand the child’s genetics too. No point in fretting over why your child is skinny if you as parents also have a small frame. Monitor your baby especially in the formative years, jot down a plan for their diet and see what all essential nutrients are missing from your baby’s diet and try and incorporate those.



  • Frequent Meals – Attention span of children is less, so in order to get them to eat healthy break down the meals and feed them at regular intervals. To eat an entire portion at one go might be a little trying for a toddler.
  • Stay Away from Junk – Junk does not help build weight. It only adds the unnecessary unhealthy calories which your child certainly doesn’t require. Remember to handle one problem you are actually adding another. Obesity is a big risk which your child can be prone to.
  • Get Creative – These kids are smart and they know how to weasel their way out of healthy eating. Get smart and trick them inside. Make eating healthy a fun activity, if they don’t like Spinach as a vegetable hide it in a bake or a pasta and add other veggies along with it so it is well camouflaged.
  • Different Cuisines – Children’s taste buds are still developing. They need to experience different dishes to get accustomed to flavours and new dishes. Don’t force your inhibitions on them. I remember I was a vegetarian when my son was born however I ensured that he started out on healthy non vegetarian options as soon as he could. He loved it and I know somewhere that is a reason that he is non fussy eater and eating out is no stress for me.

Some Essentials to be included in your Baby’s diet:-

Milk – Rich in calcium for bone growth and maintenance. Serve as per the doctor’s recommendation. You can also add Cheese along with milk.

Fat – Give them meats. Fish, Eggs and Chicken are the healthiest sources of Protein.  If you are a strict vegetarian give your child peanut butter or a handful of Peanuts.  These food products provides protein for building muscle and other important functions in the body.

Grains – Aata and Rice provide carbohydrates, the primary source of energy. 2 Chappatis are essential. However, even giving a portion of rice along with Daals is a good source of nutrition.

Fruit and Vegetables – They provide vitamins and minerals, a good source of fibre which helps reduce cholesterol for healthy skin, hair and vision.

Dry Fruits – A handful of dry fruits is absolutely essential for everyone especially for kids. Almonds, Cashew nuts, Raisins etc. should be included as a daily intake.

Sweets and Chocolates are Good – They add to the additional calories so don’t restrict them, however don’t let your child over indulge either.

It is important to remember that they are growing up faster than we can cope with, thus getting smarter and definitive in their opinion. Share with them the benefits to healthy eating, encourage them not order them about into eating healthy in order to gain weight.

6 Popular Home Remedies For Handling Diaper Rash

Diaper or nappy rash is one of the most annoying things that often a first time mom has to battle with. And no matter what you do or how much care you take, you would have to face it at least once in early years of your baby’s life. So, instead of feeling guilty about it just be ready with the methods that can help you prevent the rashes as soon as they raise their ugly heads :-D

A diaper rash is usually caused due to the reaction between the delicate skin of your baby’s bottom and the poop or pee residing in the diaper used to cloth it. In most cases the rash is pretty mild and you can easily treat it at home but in extreme cases you may need to see a doctor.


baby diaper

We have listed out some of the most popular home remedies for diaper rash that you can always count on.

Coconut Oil

It’s doesn’t matter which part of the country you are in, the blue bottle of Parachute Coconut Oil is something that we all are very much familiar with. This readily available bottle of coconut oil is excellent for treating nappy rashes naturally. As there are no chemicals in it you can use it without much worry. For best results, opt for virgin coconut oil, a tad costlier but the purest form of coconut oil.


Patanjali coconut oil pregnancy

Fresh Aloe Vera Gel

We all are aware of the multitude benefits of the thick and juicy leaves of the small wonder that the Aloe Vera plant is. It’s always handy to have at least one plant of Aloe Vera at home. Just cut open the leaf and extract the gel and apply it to your baby’s bottom. Let it dry before putting on a diaper.

Nappy Creams

There are a number of diaper rash creams formulated specially to prevent your baby from developing a nappy rash or to soothe them. These creams act as a barrier between the baby’s skin and the diaper to prevent any irritation.

Nappy creams are very convenient when you are on the go.


DR.REDDY’S EZINAPI cream review

Oatmeal Bath

Soaking your baby for 15-20 minutes in a tub of water sprinkled with oatmeal powder is another popular method of diaper rash treatment with most moms. It’s very easy, dirt-cheap, involves no chemicals plus your baby is going to have lots of fun splashing the water. Try not to use the flavoured oatmeal though.


oats powder baby food recipe+recipes for baby food

 Baking Soda

Two tablespoon full of baking soda, warm water and a bathtub are another favorite ingredients for nasty diaper rashes. You can give your baby this bath for about 10-15 minutes for 2-3 times a day. It makes the skin soft and smooth in just a few baths.

Breast Milk

Many women claim that breast milk works much better than any other cream for treating nappy rashes. It’s also said that breast milk helps soothe cracked nipples. All you need to do is just express a bit of breast milk and apply it to the baby’s bottom. Don’t overuse as it can cause yeast infections. Let it air dry before you put a diaper on your baby.

Best and Worst Drinks For Your Toddler

In this day and age it is so tough to decide on what is good and bad for your child. Media hounds you with tempting ads of junk food and colorful attractive drinks and tries to tempt your child, you on the other hand feel helpless like you’re losing to a battle that can’t be won.
But with some determination and patience on our end we can get our children to have healthier choices than letting them slip by into the world of obesity and childhood health problems.


mango recipe toddlers


Here are a few good choices of drinks to quench your thirsty toddler:

  • Water: Will nothing like water right, let your child get his daily intake of water every day. It helps in flushing away toxins, keeps their body temperature regulated avoids constipation. Also it is a good source of fluoride.
  • Cow’s milk: It contains calcium and vitamin D as well as protein. Children needed to take at least 2 cups of milk in a day to reach their daily calcium intake. You may want to give your child full cream milk but it is advised to stick to toned milk.
  • Lactose free milk: For those who are lactose intolerant, they can try lactose free milk like soy milk or almond milk; these are rich in vitamins and calcium as well.
  • Curds/ yogurt: A cup of plain curds or a glass of lassi will be quite welcomed with toddlers. Even yogurt smoothie with cut fruit will make a good drink. You can try adding some nuts like walnuts and dry fruits like raisins before churning them in the mixer.
  • Fresh fruit juice: A glass of freshly squeezed juice is also a healthy option, try to avoid adding sugar or syrups to it. But do limit it to one glass a day or else they will get full and avoid eating proper meals.
  • Vegetable and Tomato juice: This is a little tricky but with some creativity you can get your toddler to gulp down some vegetable juice. You can even try few vegetable and fruit combos like apple and carrot .


Nestle Hot Choloate Milk Drink

Drinks to be avoided

  • Sodas, canned juices & energy drinks: These need to be avoided at all costs, sodas have no nutritional values and contain artificial color or flavor. It contains preservatives and added sugar. They also spoil your child’s teeth enamel.
  • Green tea/ herbal tea: Green tea is full of antioxidants but also contain caffeine and is better to avoid giving them to your child. You may consult your doctor before you give your child maybe a little less stronger tea and in very little quantities.
  • Coffee: This must be avoided completely. Coffee contains high amounts of caffeine which is bad for children. It can cause hyperactive ness, sleeplessness and make them irritable.

Be a role model to your child

Children are imitative by nature, if you want them to not have something that isn’t healthy for them then you need to follow the same. Give up on unhealthy drinks and food and expect the same from your child

How To Cope With The Arrival Of A New Baby & Toddler

So you have decided to jump back onto the saddle and start everything from scratch again. But you have begun to have sleepless nights already thinking about how your little one will respond to your love being shared with a tiny, needy baby!

Even if your toddler shows excitement for the arrival of her sibling, it all may change once the baby does arrive. The way your toddler behaves will partially depend on her temperament. Children who are sensitive take more time to adjust to the baby. Children who are flexible take lesser time.

There may be many incidents of acting out and temper tantrums, usually your child will act out through regression i.e. asking for a drink from baby’s  Sippy or wanting to wear a diaper etc. She may even try to get your attention by yanking on the baby’s arm or snatching his toys.  Taking care of two kids as been happening since many years, all it takes is some open communication, few ground rules and undivided love.


newborn photography (12)

Here are few tips on how you can cope with a baby and your toddler-

Keep her involved:

You can make your toddler a part of yours and baby’s routine by giving simple tasks like fetching a diaper or baby’s clothes. While you give baby a bath you can ask your toddler to apply soap on baby’s legs. When baby cries you can teach your toddler to pat gently on his back or talk softly to baby.

Get your toddler to entertain:

Toddlers have a natural sense to sing, dance and make faces and no one is better audience than a appreciative baby.  She will enjoy getting baby to laugh and also feel special and needed.

Acknowledge your child’s feelings:

All these years she has had you for herself and dint have to share mommy with anyone. It’s tough for a little mind to understand or comprehend why mommy is busy with baby and not spending time with her like before. Rather than yelling or scolding her be compassionate towards her feelings and try to talk it out, ex you can say ” I know you are feeling sad right now do you want me to hug you…..”! ” I know you want to spend time with me but baby is small and needs my help why don’t you join me….”!
All your child needs to know is that you understand and acknowledge her feelings.

Spend lone time with your toddler:

If you are lucky to have social support at home, then leave baby with grandparents or with daddy and go outing alone with your toddler, do those things you did before baby came into your life. If it’s tough to go out, spend time with your toddler at home maybe when baby is asleep or with daddy. Doing this will make home feel secure and that you are her mom as well as baby’s.

Let her do her thing:

If your toddler doesn’t show any active involvement in the new baby, then don’t push it. Let her take her own time, sometimes this kinds of “ignoring” behavior is their way of coping with change and its very temporary and they will come around in no time.

Try to cherish and spend most of your time with her before the baby comes, it’s worth making most of this one on one time you’ll get with your toddler. Also you’ll need to make sure she spend more time with the people who will be taking care of her initial while you will be busy with the baby, let her spend more time with grandparents, uncles and aunts or cousins who are waiting to help you with once baby is out.

All the best mommy!